Welcome to the Art Studio of Marat!

You know that feeling when you go into a room and exclaim, “It’s beautiful! How do they do it?“  It’s hard to imagine modern and finished interiors without paintings, murals, or exclusive wallpaper.  They create that very special atmosphere.  It are these elements that define interior finish and exclusivity.

With the Marat Studio, you enjoy a whole range of services for the design of your interior:

Private clients

  • Interior Design
  • Child and youth rooms


  • School
  • Kindergartens
  • Theaters
  • Municipalities
  • Private business

Types of murals we offer

  • Wall paintings
  • Outdoor murals
  • Exclusive wallpapers
  • Oil Paintings

For kid’s rooms, the studio offers light and bright illustrations from popular movies, cartoons and fairy tales. Landscapes are best suited for living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms.  For schools or other organizations, special thematic large orders can be presented with detailed sketches on request.  The Marat Studio may also offers a dazzling assortment of creative expression ideas, exclusively from the artist.

The graphic works of Marat can be used for interior design (posters and wallpapers) after converting them to a digital format.

Marat’s roots were formed with a classical art education.  Now, his original drawings and oil paintings are expressed in an abstract expressionism style.  Marat has over 15 years  of experience in large and small wall paintings.  The artist resides in Tel Aviv, Israel.